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Monday, 13 June 2011

Let's get this party started.....

Well not really a party, but I am about to start a bit of housework.   Those that know me well will know that housework isn't really my thing.  In fact, it's about the last thing on my mind usually.  I've spent many many years wishing I had one of those houses that look like something out of Ideal Home, but have never quite attained such a thing.    What with four children around the place and a husband who worked away a great deal of the time I always had an excuse for  having what might be termed 'a lived-in home'.  And boy was it lived in!!   Now that they have mostly flown the nest and hubbie is office-based, you'd think I would have the Ideal Home environment that I've longed for.  Nope.....    Having said that, the place IS a lot tidier than it was around 20 years ago when I had a teenager, two girls around 9 and 10 and a wee one toddling around the place.   At that time, if I'd had unexpected visitors, I'd have been red-faced and apologetic, mumbling things like...excuse the mess, haven't had a chance today, etc etc....more like I hadn't had a chance for about a month!   Nowadays, I don't much care - if people don't like what they see, then that's their tough luck.

Anyway today we are starting on the bedroom.   Halfway through I will probably get sidetracked and tidy the kitchen a bit.  Halfway through that, I'll probably get sidetracked a bit more, decide I need milk or some such thing, wander out in the car, and when I come home will reward myself with a coffee and a wee sit down.   And that'll be that!

Having had a bit of a thing for photography, although not much of an expert, I've been a little bit annoyed lately because I'd mislaid the charger for my camera.   Eventually I decided it wasn't going to be found so went online to see if I could get a replacement.  It's a rather nice, reasonably expensive, Sony camera, so I first went to Sony's website, thinking it would probably be best to get 'the real thing'.  Changed my mind about that pretty quickly when I discovered that it would cost £56 to get the same one as I have mislaid.  So off I went elsewhere, and managed to pick up a generic charger for £11, which not only charges the battery, but it comes with a convertor thingie to use it in both Europe and America!   I will definitely have to go to America now.   Also an in car charger as well, so I will never be without.   One of the things I'd particularly wanted to get a piccie of is a little foal that I see in a field on the way to Tescos.  Jennifer doesn't like to drive that road, and I'd told her about it, so I wanted a photo to show her this sweet wee thing.  And there it is up there.   I don't know whether it's a boy or a girl, but I think it looks more like a boy.  What do you think?

My Creative Writing course has come to an end, and we had a wee night at the pub last week, with lots of farewells, etc.   I've really enjoyed the course very much, and am happy that I accomplished all that I'd hoped to, and it looks like I have passed the assessments required.   There is a Creative Writers Group that a few of the old hands go to, and I'm hoping to get along to that on a Thursday evening over the summertime.  After that, it's a case of thinking what to do next year.   Hopefully there will be another Creative Writing course on at the college, which will take me one level further on with that, and I'll go along to that.   It is funded by the ILA, so I can use that for it, but I will probably have enough left in my account to do something else as well.   Must get my thinking cap on and decide what I fancy.   Any and all ideas are welcome!

For now, though, I am in housewife mode.   I'm going in....wish me luck!


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