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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Places to go, people to see

You know those days when you get up and you have planned what you're going to do with your day, how productive you're going to be, etc etc, and then things get in the way, and you get nothing done?  Well today was one of these days.  I was going to be in Falkirk by 9.30, home by 11 or so,  do a bit of sewing, clean half the house, and produce a delicious home-made meal for my daughter coming home from work, before drifting off to my evening class at the local college.   I have a beautifully hoovered rug in front of the fire, and that's it!      Instead I spent the day wrangling with t shirt printing.  We are making our own t shirts for the Race for Life on Sunday, and I am printing them, while my youngest daughter, Sarah, designed them.   Sarah, of course, did her part of the deal with great care and attention, emailed the files to me, and I proceeded to print them off - Backwards!   Took me hours, and many emails between me, Sarah and Jennifer, to get it right.   However, we cracked it, and we now have some very professional (if I do say so myself) looking t shirts - thanks to Jennifer who did the ironing on of course.   The Race for Life is in aid of Cancer Research UK, and we have been fundraising like mad and have raised a grand total of over £600!

I have always enjoyed writing.   In my head I have had many best-selling novels, tried putting them down on paper, but they've always been lacking something.   Anyway, I decided it was time I found something to help me, and since January I've been attending a Creative Writing class at Cumbernauld College.  I do believe there is a fair chance I am the oldest person in a 20 mile radius who has a Student Card.   Well, I'd rather have that than a bus pass, which I'm supposed to have, what with me being an aged old crone, but which I have been resisting.   One day I'll get one!   Perhaps when I'm 90.   Anyway, at the end of this course, assuming I pass all the assessments, I get some kind of qualification, which will make me an official Creative Writer.   As well as that, I will get around 15 pages in a little book that will be published when the course is over.   Just have to think what I want to submit for that.

Hmm...I've rambled on a bit.  Time I was sleeping. 

Friday, 13 May 2011

The weekend starts here!

It doesn't really make all that much difference to me that it's the weekend, but it does mean that I have Jennifer at home for a couple of days, and usually Iain, my husband, but he's in Japan at the moment, so he won't be here.   

Having more or less retired from full time, or even part time, work these days, I had to find something to do with myself, so I've been busy on the old sewing machine, and found I have a bit of a talent for producing bags.   That's one of them over there >>>  My Creative Director, otherwise known as Jennifer, has been giving me a few ideas this evening, and has offered to spend tomorrow helping me out, cutting and ironing, etc etc, as I want to get a load of basic tote bags made up.   She's also going to help me out at  my first market stall on the 4th of June, which is at Sloans Market in Glasgow. I'm a litte nervous about this - what if nobody likes what I've made?   What if I sell nothing?  My confidence will take a bit of a knock if that happens.   Otherwise I am working on a couple of doggie bags.  Not the kind you get in a restaurant when you can't finish your dinner, but ones that are made out of doggie fabric!  These will be going to America with my sister, Isobel, when she goes to visit her friend in Chicago in June, and she's taking them as a gift for her and her sister.   Can I then say I am an international entrepreneur?  No?  Oh well, just a thought.....    One doggie bag is finished, and the other will be started on Monday, and I'll try to get a pic or two of them up too - just as soon as I get my camera charged.   

For now, I am about to watch a dvd tucked up in bed.  'night all.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Back to life, back to reality.

Yes the cold has finally lifted and I feel fairly human again.  Still a little stuffed, but I can function, and don't want to sleep all the time any more (just some of the time).

As I've grown older I've begun to realise that some of the things I wanted to do in my life now won't happen.  I wanted to spend three months in America touring around.   Actually I had a rather romanticised notion of the whole family (us and four children) flying over, hiring a camper van, and just taking off, leaving the rest of the world behind for a few months.   I've revised that idea (well the children are all grown now and have mostly left home), and would like now to get two or three weeks over there with my husband, hire a car and either tour around the New England/Maine area or drive the Pacific Highway.  At the moment, the Pacific Highway is winning for me.  Or maybe Route 66, I love the idea of that.   Just have to save lots of money up now.

A long long time ago my husband said he would one day take me to Singapore.  That promise has still to be fulfilled - I don't blame him, as bringing up four children takes up a lot of time and money, so it was put on the back-burner.  However, there's the teensiest chance now that this will come to pass in the not too distant this space!

So far, you'll notice, 'Things I wanted to do in my life' have comprised of travel.   Well that's because I love to travel.  I take the view that if you're on a plane, you're either going somewhere, which is exciting, or you're coming home from somewhere, so that was exciting too.   Anyway, there's one or two other things, some of which may or may not come to pass, but perhaps they're for another day.

In the meantime - be careful out there.

Enjoy the day!

Monday, 9 May 2011

Oh look!

I've got two followers already.  Must try and make this interesting.  This has been a pretty awful day, Jennifer has been home from work with a terrible migraine, while I am still suffering with this awful cold.   My sneezing would rival an earthquake, and I have almost finished two boxes of tissues.   There'll be a run on Kleenex shares due to this, I am sure, and all because of little me.   

This is my boy Charlie.  He is the world's greatest cat.   Just now he's out and about keeping down the mouse population, but in a little while he'll probably pop onto my windowsill and want in for the night.   Charlie had a fall two or three years ago and managed to hurt his tail, and had to have it removed.   Of course, he's a cool dude, so he carries off the lack of tail with great aplomb.   As you can see, he is very very handsome.

Tomorrow my granddaughter Elise is coming for a few hours, so I'm hoping the cold clears up and I don't feel too bad tomorrow.   We will do girlie things and if it's nice will pop out for a wee walk.   

Sunday, 8 May 2011

I hab a gold

It's supposed to be almost summer and not only has it been pouring with rain all weekend, but I have a cold.   I managed all winter without getting one and now I get one.  My nose hurts, and my brain feels like it is wrapped in cotton wool.

On the plus side, there's the possibility of a wee trip to Amsterdam at the end of November on the horizon!   Fingers crossed it works out.   

Friday, 6 May 2011

Stroll for Life

In two weeks and two days I am doing the Race for Life at Falkirk.   I was supposed to do it last year, but things conspired against me and I couldn't do it.  However, my daughter Jennifer stepped in and took over for me.   The strange thing is, last year I trained pretty much from February till I found it a bit too much (a bit of illness took over and had me a bit tired), but this year, in spite of being pretty sure I'll be there, I've found it a bit hard to get started.  Done a bit of walking, but will be stepping that up this weekend and so should be fit enough for a Stroll, if not a Race, for Life on the 22nd!

Wish me luck!

In other news - the SNP here in Scotland appear to be romping home to govern this small nation of ours.   Am I pleased?   Not sure yet....

Thursday, 5 May 2011

I'm new to all this..

Well, when even my non-computer-literate wee sister managed to start and maintain a blog, albeit just for three days, I began to feel it was time I did something myself.   I'll meander along, probably at a slow pace, and perhaps at times I might even make you laugh.  More likely I'll bore you senseless, but you'll come back, won't you?    

I won't go on this time, but I'll give some thought over the next day or two about what I want to fill this with.  

For now, time I was sleeping, but I do get a wee lie in tomorrow morning!  Woo hoo!!

See you soon!