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Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Places to go, people to see

You know those days when you get up and you have planned what you're going to do with your day, how productive you're going to be, etc etc, and then things get in the way, and you get nothing done?  Well today was one of these days.  I was going to be in Falkirk by 9.30, home by 11 or so,  do a bit of sewing, clean half the house, and produce a delicious home-made meal for my daughter coming home from work, before drifting off to my evening class at the local college.   I have a beautifully hoovered rug in front of the fire, and that's it!      Instead I spent the day wrangling with t shirt printing.  We are making our own t shirts for the Race for Life on Sunday, and I am printing them, while my youngest daughter, Sarah, designed them.   Sarah, of course, did her part of the deal with great care and attention, emailed the files to me, and I proceeded to print them off - Backwards!   Took me hours, and many emails between me, Sarah and Jennifer, to get it right.   However, we cracked it, and we now have some very professional (if I do say so myself) looking t shirts - thanks to Jennifer who did the ironing on of course.   The Race for Life is in aid of Cancer Research UK, and we have been fundraising like mad and have raised a grand total of over £600!

I have always enjoyed writing.   In my head I have had many best-selling novels, tried putting them down on paper, but they've always been lacking something.   Anyway, I decided it was time I found something to help me, and since January I've been attending a Creative Writing class at Cumbernauld College.  I do believe there is a fair chance I am the oldest person in a 20 mile radius who has a Student Card.   Well, I'd rather have that than a bus pass, which I'm supposed to have, what with me being an aged old crone, but which I have been resisting.   One day I'll get one!   Perhaps when I'm 90.   Anyway, at the end of this course, assuming I pass all the assessments, I get some kind of qualification, which will make me an official Creative Writer.   As well as that, I will get around 15 pages in a little book that will be published when the course is over.   Just have to think what I want to submit for that.

Hmm...I've rambled on a bit.  Time I was sleeping. 

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