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Friday, 6 May 2011

Stroll for Life

In two weeks and two days I am doing the Race for Life at Falkirk.   I was supposed to do it last year, but things conspired against me and I couldn't do it.  However, my daughter Jennifer stepped in and took over for me.   The strange thing is, last year I trained pretty much from February till I found it a bit too much (a bit of illness took over and had me a bit tired), but this year, in spite of being pretty sure I'll be there, I've found it a bit hard to get started.  Done a bit of walking, but will be stepping that up this weekend and so should be fit enough for a Stroll, if not a Race, for Life on the 22nd!

Wish me luck!

In other news - the SNP here in Scotland appear to be romping home to govern this small nation of ours.   Am I pleased?   Not sure yet....

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