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Monday, 9 May 2011

Oh look!

I've got two followers already.  Must try and make this interesting.  This has been a pretty awful day, Jennifer has been home from work with a terrible migraine, while I am still suffering with this awful cold.   My sneezing would rival an earthquake, and I have almost finished two boxes of tissues.   There'll be a run on Kleenex shares due to this, I am sure, and all because of little me.   

This is my boy Charlie.  He is the world's greatest cat.   Just now he's out and about keeping down the mouse population, but in a little while he'll probably pop onto my windowsill and want in for the night.   Charlie had a fall two or three years ago and managed to hurt his tail, and had to have it removed.   Of course, he's a cool dude, so he carries off the lack of tail with great aplomb.   As you can see, he is very very handsome.

Tomorrow my granddaughter Elise is coming for a few hours, so I'm hoping the cold clears up and I don't feel too bad tomorrow.   We will do girlie things and if it's nice will pop out for a wee walk.   

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