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Friday, 13 May 2011

The weekend starts here!

It doesn't really make all that much difference to me that it's the weekend, but it does mean that I have Jennifer at home for a couple of days, and usually Iain, my husband, but he's in Japan at the moment, so he won't be here.   

Having more or less retired from full time, or even part time, work these days, I had to find something to do with myself, so I've been busy on the old sewing machine, and found I have a bit of a talent for producing bags.   That's one of them over there >>>  My Creative Director, otherwise known as Jennifer, has been giving me a few ideas this evening, and has offered to spend tomorrow helping me out, cutting and ironing, etc etc, as I want to get a load of basic tote bags made up.   She's also going to help me out at  my first market stall on the 4th of June, which is at Sloans Market in Glasgow. I'm a litte nervous about this - what if nobody likes what I've made?   What if I sell nothing?  My confidence will take a bit of a knock if that happens.   Otherwise I am working on a couple of doggie bags.  Not the kind you get in a restaurant when you can't finish your dinner, but ones that are made out of doggie fabric!  These will be going to America with my sister, Isobel, when she goes to visit her friend in Chicago in June, and she's taking them as a gift for her and her sister.   Can I then say I am an international entrepreneur?  No?  Oh well, just a thought.....    One doggie bag is finished, and the other will be started on Monday, and I'll try to get a pic or two of them up too - just as soon as I get my camera charged.   

For now, I am about to watch a dvd tucked up in bed.  'night all.


  1. When you say doggy fabric, what kind of dog is it made from? Huey may wish to contribute.

  2. It is not made from any kind of dogs. It is made from doggie patterned material. I will make you a doggie patterned manbag, for a fee.